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Competition Schalksmühle, illuminated places


„Places of light“- To fulfill the credo of the competition, it is necessary to preserve and highlight the character of Schalksmühle for its citizens and visitors. The heterogeneous, urban structure notable places were retrieved and converted into an ensemble of appealing lighting scenes. The illumination of specific locations was distinctly designed while using consistent stylistic elements. Details are to discover which are not revealed directly. The places of light are emphasized by special steel gates. While offering a concise effect during daytime these gates create tieing elements. The gates can be compared to windows focussing the view of the observer. Additionally the gates offer various functions: providing orientation, allowing for access to central areas, creating visual connections, raising awareness, establishing identity and welcoming visitors.

Awarding authority
Municipality Schalksmühle

1rst prize


  Impressum | © 2024 LRS
  Impressum | © 2024 LRS
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