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Trier, Workshop Public Lighting

Project description
Light and illumination in their function as a design and marketing tool are set increasingly into the focus of public attention to improve the competitiveness. The aim is to have citizens identify themselves with their city and to have visitors being drawn in the city by attraction poles.

Qualities we develop for the dark periods of the day are playing a key role. An active involvement of citizens is crucial to elaborate joint solutions close to the requirements of participating people. Therefore a workshop took place in the course of developing a lighting masterplan for Trier. Representatives of the municipality, members of local politics, retailers and associations as well as citizens and residents took actively part.

Three theme-specific groups were formed (shop windows and signage | architectural lighting and luminaire design | temporary event lighting) to collect, transform and document ideas, concrete proposals and individual solutions during the course of the workshop.

Stadt Trier

Workshop Public Lighting




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