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Bochum Westpark, Dynamic Lighting Installation


Project Description
Just in time for the festive season the pipe bridge at Westpark Bochum is aglow in splendour. At night a dynamic lighting installation at the pipe bridge is creating a distinguished entrance that connects to the existing illumination of the park. The Water tower and the pipe bridge are now forming a strong and lucent image together.

Reference image to fervid steel - orange glowing colours in Westpark
Approaching the park the visitor's view is already being directed to the 150m stretching orange glow of the pipe bridge entrance at the crossing of Gahlensche Straße / Wattenscheider Straße. The installation is a horizontal line that runs along the south side above the parking area, continuing to the roundabout and then vanishing at the north side of the terrain. The pipe is being illuminated with dimmable LED lines. The separate segments are dimming successive, wavelike, up and down, reminding of the transport function of the pipelines. The lighting modulation occurs with constant, soft and harmonic "movements", containing also subtle variation for a change of scenes.


NRW.Urban representing the city of Bochum

Lighting and electrical Design, Concept to Detail Design Phases

City of Bochum

20161212-175001 Bochum West20161212-175501 Bochum West

20161212-175353 Bochum West

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