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Schalksmühle, "Places of light"


Project Description
Based on the design competition Schalksmühle "sites of light" the schemes were gradually developed and set as singular accents into scene. A focus was specially set on upgrading the central Rathaus-Square. The new developed urban space comprises custom-made lights with rectangular poles and an integrated floodlight system designed to illuminate the depth of the space with a minimal number of fixtures. Therefore the main area of the venue is kept open. Additional accents are the integrated lighting at the staircases and bus station as well as the illuminated bronze statue of an historic character.
Linear LED profiles are providing accented lighting underneath the railway bridge. A dynamic linear lighting installation is drawing attention to the portal of the old town.

Schalksmühle municipality

Lighting and electrical design
Concept to Detail Design Phases
Design development of custom-made luminaires

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