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Hamm - Lippepark Schacht Franz


Project Description
On the former mining area of shaft building Franz a new landscaped park with playground and sports facilities has been developed. Masts with spotlights serve as guiding elements leading the visitors securely along the promenade to a podium which is reserved for fun sport activities. The even illumination of the western part of the promenade is supplemented by lighting accents on the east side. The connection to the northern part of the park is being provided by masts each with one spotlight. The selection of a luminaire family ensures visual coherence of the different parts of the park.

Stadt Hamm

Lighting and Electrical Design
Design and Construction Phases

Hamm Funsport
Hamm Lichtstimmung
Hamm Zufahrtsweg
Hamm eingang
Hamm Mastleuchten
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