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Riyadh, King Abdul Aziz-Road Flyover Bridge

Project Description
The impressive designed and newly developed bowstring bridge functions as noticeable landmark and provides orientation along the King Abdullah Road. A static illumination with the flooding of the bow and a diffuse visible light line retracing the roadway along the sides of the bridge are combined with a dynamic illumination of the rods. 1156 LED dots were mounted at both sides of the 12 rods and were programmed with various scenes. The design of the lighting scenes was developed with changing sequences as well as alternating, balanced lighting colours for different days of the week and special event. The complex programming takes the daily praying times with moderate, special lighting scenes into account.

Arriyadh Development Authority

Lighting and Electrical Design
Design and Construction Phases
Concept of Dynamic Illumination
Programming Process

riyadh kingabdulazizroadbridge

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