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Hungen, Show Diary


Project Description
The Hungener Käsescheune consists of a vitreous show diary displaying the cheese-making process, a shop, a restaurant and an information centre "experience sheep and nature". With its unique character it is of utmost importance for the urban development of Hungen. The lighting concept is corresponding with the historical atmosphere of a listed half-timbered barn while it is presenting the products in a perfect light. Selection of material, shape and colour of the luminaires play an important role in order to create an appealing contrast between modern fixture design and the characteristic ambience of the interior. Achieving high illuminance levels for the task lighting while keeping the cosy atmosphere in mind was the objective of the lighting concept.

Gerd Kaiser

Lighting Design
Design and Construction Phases

Hungen Barbeleuchtung

Hungen Deckenbeleuchtung

Hungen Seminarraueme

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