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Schwetzingen, Schlossplatz


Project Description

The Schlossplatz (Palace square) located at the extension of Carl-Theodor-Street functions as a link to Schwetzingen castle.

The illumination of the central axis pursues the design language of suspended luminaires combined with lime tree cordons used along Carl-Theodor-Strasse. This arrangement is being stretched across the square. The open areas at the sides of this green axis feature a high amenity value. Small spotlights are used to illuminate these areas in a differentiated way and they are mounted at the masts supporting the suspended street lights. Therefore the lateral areas of the square are kept free from any additional fixtures which allows the impression of a broad, open space. A major issue of the lighting concept is to create a lighting ambience suitable for the restaurants at the edges of the square. Subtle facade lighting provides a cosy atmosphere while defining the edges of the space.

Building Authority Schwetzingen

Stadt Schwetzingen

Lighting and Electrical Design
Design and Construction Phases

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